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The use of ammonium sulfate

Time:2018-06-04  Source: Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Ammonium sulfate is a chemical element that can be used in a very wide range. At the same time, it can also be used as an excellent nitrogen fertilizer. It is suitable for general soils and crops. It can make branches and leaves prosperous, improve fruit quality and yield. Ammonium sulfate is most suitable for top dressing of crops. The amount of topdressing ammonium sulfate should be determined according to different soil types. For soils with poor water and fertility retention performances, topdressing should be carried out in stages, and the amount should not be too much for each use. For soils with good water retention and nutrient retention properties, each dose may be more appropriate.

  The amount of soil moisture also has a greater impact on fertilizer efficiency, especially in dry land, when applying ammonium sulfate must pay attention to timely watering. When paddy field is topdressing, it should be drained and drained, and care should be taken to apply it in combination with tillage. In addition, there are also obvious differences in the application of ammonium sulfate to different crops. For example, when applying to fruit trees, they can be applied to ditch, ring, or hole.

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