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The difference between yellow blood potassium and yellow blood sodium salt

Time:2018-06-04  Source: Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd.

  Yellow blood potassium and yellow blood sodium salt shape is not much difference, are pale yellow powder.

  The solubility of potassium salt is slightly greater. It is easily hydrolyzed under neutral and weak alkaline conditions. See Photocatalytic decomposition is mainly used as a carburizing agent in the steel industry to improve the surface hardness of steel parts. The printing and dyeing industry is used as an oxidizing aid to gradually dye the fine cotton cloth and maintain the dyeing quality. The pharmaceutical industry is used as a flocculant to achieve an ideal cleaning process and improve the quality of medicines.

  Yellow blood sodium salt is mainly used in medicine, pigments, tanning, smelting and chemical industry important raw materials. Used as a raw material for iron and blue hematite; used for tanning, surface corrosion protection of metals, carburizing treatment of carbon steel, iron removal in pharmaceuticals, oxidants, food additives, explosives, and chemical reagents. For winter snow, prevent caking additives. The yellow blood sodium salt mother liquor contains yellow blood sodium salt, sodium carbonate, sodium formate and other substances, the components are complex and difficult to handle. Sodium formate can be applied in the drilling industry, and the active ingredient of sodium formate in the mother liquor of yellow blood sodium is low and it is difficult to use it directly. The decompression concentration method and the direct dehydration method for the treatment of the yellow blood sodium salt mother liquor can increase the sodium formate content in the waste water and meet the requirements of the drilling industry.

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