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The company conducts emergency rescue drills in the Joint Production Safety Supe

Time:2018-06-04  Source: Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd.

  In order to prevent the occurrence of major accidents of special equipment, improve the safety awareness and emergency disposal capacity of the units of special equipment, and guide and promote the establishment of a complete emergency rescue mechanism. In conjunction with the "Safety Production Month" campaign, on the 26th, the League Supervision Office of the League, the League Safety Supervision Bureau, and the City Supervision Sub-Administration of the Special Development Zone of the League organized and organized the Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd. to hold emergency rescue drills for special equipment safety incidents.

  The drill was leaked from a pressure-bearing spherical tank that stores liquid ammonia in good faith Yong'an Chemical Co., Ltd., releasing toxic gases and triggering a safety accident. After the employees inspected and discovered the dangerous situation, they immediately reported to the company and the city supervision bureau. Immediately after receiving the report, the company immediately launched an emergency plan and emergency response, and quickly carried out emergency rescue and rescue activities. The City Supervision Bureau and the Safety Supervision Bureau rushed to the scene to guide the rescue. Through the transmission of police information, emergency response and command, personnel rescue, cutting off the production system, spraying dilution, and evacuation of personnel, the safety incident was finally contained. The entire drill process is well-organized, the procedures are appropriate, and the rescue measures are professional and effective. The purpose of training and improving the emergency response capacity of the drill unit is conducive to the enterprise to further improve the emergency rescue plan for such accidents and improve the accuracy and rationality of the plan. It has accumulated valuable experience in handling similar accidents.


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