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Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd.

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Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in November 2012. It is a modern chemical company that produces natural chemical raw materials and produces fine chemical products. It is now facing the community to recruit the following personnel for business development needs.

  One: Recruitment Position and Number 

Recruitment Position Number
Chemical Engineering and Technology、 Applied Chemistry 3 people
Environmental Engineering 2 people
Security Engineering 2 people
Electric 2 people
Instrument Automation 2 people
Finance 2 people

  Second, benefits:

  1, salary 3000-4000 yuan / month, salary and job related.

  2. Free accommodation is provided (inside the dormitory there are separate toilets, cable, cable TV and other infrastructure).

  3, pay five insurance and one gold.

  4. The employees of the company are entitled to legal holidays and vacations such as marriage leave, maternity leave and paid annual leave as prescribed by law.

  5. Complimentary commuter cars (to the town of Usti, Bali Temple, and Wuda District) are provided free of charge.

  Third, the contact method:

  Tel: 0483-8193300 Email: [email protected]

  Company Address: Usta Town, Alashan Economic Development Zone, Alxa League, Inner Mongolia.

  Company website: 辽宁35选7好运玩法